In a world that’s moving fast, we don't want you to miss the right connections.

We're a small, nimble team working from still-livable Portland, Oregon.

We believe collaboration should not mean 10 email threads and 2 missed zoom calls. We think scheduling should be simple and seamless, for both you and your customers.

There’s already enough things to worry about. Setting up meetings should not be one of them. Focus on the things that matter. Leave the meetings to us.

We value collaboration, iteration, and learning.

Jared Morse

CEO / Founder

Dad to Ike, husband to Amy, founder at Appointlet. Jared loves the outdoors, Sci-Fi, beer, and eating food that he didn't cook.

Rami el Chamaa

Digital Marketing Strategist

Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, Rami has been at Appointlet from the beginning. He loves traveling and meeting new people. A cryptocurrencies enthusiast and music lover, he'll never say no to dancing.

Ezra Sandzer-Bell

Product Marketing Manager

An explorer at heart, Ezra loves creating and organizing systems. Whether it makes our product better or improves the way we offer support, he strives to make Appointlet better every day.

Scott Becker

Senior Developer

When not hanging out with his family, biking, or playing in his punk rock band, Scott helps define the scope of customer engagements and oversees the business administration of Olio Apps.

Chris Gruchacz

Customer Support Specialist

Chris is a customer advocate by day, composer by night. When he's not working on music projects, he's exploring nature, writing, reading, or enjoying the finest craft beer and coffee of the Pacific Northwest.

Sumit Hegde

Web Designer

Sumit is a short-film enthusiast, leader of the local dog-dad committee and a growth-oriented web designer. He does not have a favourite house-plant, but if the Monstera gets a little extra love, no one has to know.

Amandeep Singh

Web developer

Based in Punjab, India. Aman is married and has a son. He loves playing Cricket with friends and believes in long term relationships. He's also a bit of a web wizard.

Aron Racho

Senior Developer

Aron has lived in the Pacific Northwest since the turn of the century. He is a family man and also has many hobbies, which include music composition, game programming, and reading.

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