Office 365 Calendar

Auto-create events in your Office calendar and make sure you’re never double-booked.

The Office 365 business calendar is a cloud-based subscription service by Microsoft. Designed for managing schedules within an organization, the software uses Advanced Threat Protection and data loss protection policies to secure private company data.

Appointlet integrates with Office seamlessly to generate calendar events any time a new booking is created. Detect existing events in your calendars, including those created by you and shared with you, to make sure you’re never double-booked.

Each calendar event created by Appointlet includes the attendee’s booking information, so your team can get caught up prior to the meeting. Attendees also receive a copy of the calendar event and meeting details.

If a meeting is cancelled or rescheduled, Appointlet moves or deletes your team’s Office calendar event automatically to make sure your calendar view is accurate.

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