Generate a unique Zoom conferencing link for each new meeting


For companies that need to schedule virtual conferences, Zoom offers a secure hosting service with password protection and encryption for all meetings. Support up to 1,000 participants and 49 videos on screen at a time. HD video and audio helps you avoid connectivity issues so you can host the meeting without distractions.

It doesn’t look good when customers show up ahead of schedule and interrupt calls that they weren’t invited to. With automated, unique meeting URLs, hosts can rest assured that early arrivals won’t intrude on other meetings.

Simply connect your Zoom account to Appointlet and a unique Zoom URL will be generated for each of your video conferences.

Attendees receive a confirmation (and optional reminder) emails with a “join meeting” button so it’s easy to get on the call. Your team members can also access the Zoom meeting directly from the Appointlet dashboard, email, and calendar event details. When meetings are cancelled or rescheduled in Appointlet, the Zoom meetings will be updated accordingly.

Other Integrations

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