Appointlet is the best, most flexible, most convenient booking service I've ever tried. Amy Middleton, LMT

Add the button to your website to let your clients schedule 24/7

Appointlet integrates into your website (and emails) offering your clients the ability to make appointments easily, conveniently, and efficiently.

With the click of a button your clients will be directed to our on-page scheduling tool. Clients can select the best appointments to meet the needs of their schedule, saving you and your staff time.

Manage your appointments from Google Calendar

We've added a layer of functionality right on top of the familiar calendar you know and love.

Confirm, decline, cancel, or reschedule any appointment right from the comfort of your Google Calendar.

Seamlessly Integrated

Unlike other services, Appointlet doesn't just write appointments to your Google Calendar, it also reads them to determine your availability.

Connect your existing Google calendar and Appointlet will immediately identify when you're busy. No configuration required.

Teamwork Made Easy

Appointlet supports your entire team. Manage multiple staff members and streamline your entire scheduling system.

Bring Your Brand

Appointlet makes it easy to extend your brand to your scheduler.

Choose a color theme, change the wording, even customize the notification emails!

Collect Information

Easily gather all the information from your clients that you need to fulfill the appointment.

We validate all entered information to make sure no mistakes are made.

Accept Payments

Save your time by collecting payments when your clients book their appointment.

Appointlet offers a range of payment solutions to ensure a quick and convenient experience for both you and your clients.

Reduce No-Shows with Reminders

Missed appointments cost you money!

Appointlet sends automatic reminders to your clients. You can even customize the content of these messages.

What are you waiting for?