Frequently asked questions, answered.

General Questions

How will my audience schedule meetings if I use Appointlet?

Appointlet provides business professionals like you with an interface to create and configure booking pages. When you're ready, share that link with your audience to start receiving bookings. People will use the booking page to schedule time and fill out forms with any information you'd like to collect.

What will the booking page look like when I share it with others?

We offer a demo booking page that you can review, to get a better sense of how it will look for your audience. These pages are customized based on your brand logo, meeting types, availability, and more.

What happens once someone books a meeting with us?

Bookings will spawn new events in your Appointlet Meetings dashboard along with your email calendar. You will receive an email confirmation with the booking data. Your attendees similarly receive email notification and if their email address supports it, an auto-generated email calendar event with the meeting details.

I don't have an Office 365 Business or Google account. Can I still use Appointlet?

Yes, you can use Appointlet without an email calendar, though we recommend connecting one if possible. You'll get more value from our app when you do so.

Does Appointlet offer a mobile app or browser extensions?

We do offer a chrome extension and firefox extension. Our team is currently developing a mobile application. That being said, your booking page will be fully mobile responsive, so attendees can easily book time from their mobile device. They will not need an account with Appointlet to do so.

Where can I read the terms and conditions of Appointlet?

You can find our terms and conditions outlined here.

If I want to cancel my subscription after signing up, how will I do that?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To view our refund policy, please see the terms and conditions page.


Where can I go if I have questions?

We offer live chat support during business hours Monday through Friday. Depending on our support load, response times can be anywhere from 3 minutes to a couple of hours. We also send a series of emails when you first sign up. You can reply to those emails to contact us directly.

Do you offer live demos to walk me through the app?

We do offer a video tutorial that will walk you through the basics of setting up an Appointlet account, however at this time we do not offer live sales demos.

Do you offer phone support?

We provide text support during business hours but we do not offer phone support.

Booking Page Configuration

How do I prevent people from scheduling and not showing up?

Appointlet provides confirmation emails and calendar events to you and your attendees whenever a booking is registered. You also have the option of scheduling email reminders go out prior to the meeting. Check out our Zapier integration to set up SMS reminders for attendees that are best reached via text message.

Can I schedule groups or classes (multiple attendees at the same time with a single host)?

Yes, we support the option to schedule group meetings with multiple attendees. These are a great option for scheduling classes, group training, and more.

Will appointlet prevent double bookings?

Yes, if a member of your team is booked during a time period, attendees cannot book separate meetings at the same time.

Is it easy to cancel or reschedule meetings if needed?

We do provide cancelation and rescheduling tools in your dashboard, on your email calendar event details, and in your email calendars. So it's always easy to access and take action as needed.

Can I create custom forms to collect info from people when they book a meeting?

Yes, forms can be customized to collect anything from short responses (email, name, phone number) to long form responses like a short paragraph. We also offer multiple choice options. Whatever you need to know prior to the meeting, you can capture it with Appointlet's forms.

How far in advance can people schedule a meeting?

That's entirely up to you. We give you control over the minimum and maximum required notice for a given meeting type.

Can I schedule breaks between meetings?

Yes, you have the option of hardcoding breaks before and/or after a meeting, so you always have time between meetings to transition.

My schedule changes weekly. Will Appointlet be able to support that?

Absolutely! You can create a custom schedule based on your precise availability.

Is it possible to schedule recurring meetings?

We don't currently support recurring meetings, but it's a feature that we're interested in building in the future. If this is an important feature for you, please contact us and let us know what your use case is. We're currently gathering information to learn more about what users need.

What happens If I delete or move events in my email calendar?

We don't recommend manually moving or deleting events in your email calendar. Since this happens accidentally from time to time, we made the decision not to register changes to your meeting when a calendar event is moved. If you want to cancel or reschedule an event, we ask that you used the dedicated features for that purpose.

We have multiple physical locations. How do we handle that in Appointlet?

Locations are assigned at the meeting type level. So if you have members that can be booked at various locations, that's where you would assign them. However, if you don't want to schedule members and would prefer people book entire locations, as in a rental, there are workaround available for that. You can read more about the technical configuration details here.

Can we redirect to another website after the booking is complete?

We do offer post-booking redirects to another website. This is located on the meeting type, which means that each meeting type can be directed to a specific location after the attendee completes their booking.


What kind of third party apps do you integrate with?

At a high level, we integrate with web conferencing providers, Google and Office 365 email calendars, Stripe for payment collection, and Zapier for a broad variety of third party integrations.

Do you have any tutorials on how to use Appointlet with Zapier?

Yes, we provide step by step instructions for how to set up a Zapier integration with Appointlet.

How do I integrate Appointlet with our company's CRM?

We integrate with Zapier, which allows you to connect to a variety of CRMs including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and more!

Can I integrate with an email marketing tool like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc?

Absolutely. We integrate with a variety of marketing tools via Zapier as outlined here.

Which web conferencing solutions do you integrate with?

At this time we integrate with Google Meet, Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Join.Me. These integrations are available on both the free and paid subscription options.

Collecting Payment

Can people pay for meetings as part of the scheduling flow?

Yes, you can integrate with Stripe to collect payments prior to booking confirmation.

Do you take a percentage of the payment I collect from customers?

You will need a premium subscription to collect payment, but we don't currently take any commission. Stripe charges a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee.

Do you have a discount / coupon feature when people schedule a paid meeting?

We don't currently offer a discount or coupon feature.

Can I collect recurring scheduled payments through Appointlet?

Appointlet does not yet support recurring meeting types, so recurring payments are not supported either. You can set that up in Stripe, however. It will be independent of Appointlet bookings, which will have to be made one at a time.

Is it possible for my customers to buy packages (multiple meetings at once)?

At this time it is not possible to sell packages of meetings.

Web Conferencing

Can we use Appointlet to schedule webinars?

It depends on the web conference provider. You can schedule multiple attendees on a web conference meeting, but some providers have designated webinar platforms that we do not integrate with specifically.

Do you offer live demos to walk me through the app?

We do offer a video tutorial that will walk you through the basics of setting up an Appointlet account, however at this time we do not offer live sales demos.

Will the web conference feature stay free forever?

We don't currently have any plans to make web conferencing a paid feature.

Pricing / Payment

How long does the free plan last?

When you first sign up, Appointlet puts you on the Free plan. You are free to use it for as long as you like. If you decide to Upgrade to the Premium plan to benefit from the premium features, you can do so at anytime from the billings page.

How much does Appointlet cost? What's the pricing structure?

Appointlet's premium plan is currently $10/member/month. We do offer a 20% discount for annual subscriptions as well, bringing your cost down to the equivalent of $8/member/mo. You can read more about the difference between our free and premium plan on the pricing page here.

What will the booking page look like when I share it with others?

We offer a demo booking page that you can review, to get a better sense of how it will look for your audience. These pages are customized based on your brand logo, meeting types, availability, and more.

Can I pay by check or wire transfer instead of credit card?

We offer the option to manually draft an invoice for annual subscriptions. These invoices can be paid by ACH wire transfer. We do not accept paper checks currently.

Can I stay on Appointlet's free plan as long as I want?

Yes, Appointlet does not currently cap the length of time users can remain on the free plan. We reserve the right to update our policy in the future, but have no intent of doing so any time soon.

What are the limitations of the free plan?

A list of free vs paid features can be found on our pricing page (here).

How many members / bookings can I have on the free plan?

Appointlet's free plan supports unlimited members and bookings.

What's the difference between the monthly and annual plans?

The only difference is the length and cost of the subscription, which are outlined in the charts at the top of this page.

How does adding or removing users impact pricing?

Our billing system will automatically calculate prorations based on the remaining time in your current subscription cycle. So if you add a member mid cycle, the cost will be lower than if they had started at the beginning of the subscription cycle. If you delete a member from your Appointlet organization, a prorated credit is applied and will be drawn from during your next billing cycle.

Do you offer a non-profit or educational discount?

Yes, we offer a 25% discount to verified non profits and schools. For-profit educators do not qualify for the EDU discount.

Do I qualify for an EDU discount?

Users with an .edu email address will qualify for our educational discount. If you don't have a .edu email address, we require that you share a link to your school website. The email you register should match the school's domain. Your booking page should also match the school's branding.

Are additional seat discounts available for my large team?

If you need to support more than 150 team members, please contact us via the live chat tool (located at the bottom right) and ask about bulk pricing. We'll need you to include your desired seat quantity. You should hear back within one business day.

What's the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, please see our Terms and Conditions for the full refund policy.

Are there any extra costs or hidden fees that I could encounter with Appointlet subscription?

We will not charge you anything extra, but if you decide to use third party integrations then you may be subject to fees by those providers. For example, Stripe charges a small processing fee if you decide to collect payments for meetings. Zapier has free and paid subscription options, depending on your usage. Most SMS providers will charge a fee. Appointlet does not make a commission on any third party fees.

Does Appointlet offer an affiliate referral program?

Yes, registered users can apply for the affiliate program by contacting our support team.

Does Appointlet have a white label program available?

No, we do not currently offer a white label program at this time.

Will you fill out our questionnaire before we subscribe?

You can submit a questionnaire to our support team for evaluation, however we have limited support bandwidth and prefer that you ask one question at a time.


What's the best way to share our booking page with an audience?

You can share your Appointlet booking page via email, website, text message and more. We provide tutorials for each format, so if you have any questions after registration let us know and we'll get you the appropriate help docs.

What's the best way to add Appointlet to our website?

We provide an html + javascript code snippet that you can add to your website. The code will generate a button and a popup window to keep users on your page instead of navigating to a new page.

Can we add Appointlet to our social media pages?

Yes, you can add your appointlet URL to the bio on your twitter, instagram, and facebook profiles.

Do you have suggestions for how to share the booking page in an email?

Yes, we recommend using a hyperlink to attach the booking page to simple simple text. If you need some guidance, reach out and we'll send you a support doc.

Can my booking page be translated into another language?

Yes, please see this page for a list of the languages that you can translate your booking page into.

Are the booking pages mobile responsive?

Yes, your booking page can be viewed on any mobile device, so your attendees never have trouble scheduling with you. Even when they're on the go.

Is it possible to link to a specific member or meeting type?

Yep! We provide direct links that you can use to link directly to a booking page or individual meeting types.

Attendee Notifications

Will both parties receive a confirmation email when meetings are scheduled?

Absolutely. We provide confirmation to all of the team members associated with a meeting type as well as the attendees that are scheduled. The email will include all relevant information about the meeting, including time and location.

Does Appointlet provide follow up emails?

You can set up follow up emails with a Zapier integration. We've outline a technique for doing so here.

Do you provide SMS confirmations / reminders?

We do offer SMS integrations with Zapier. You can find an outline for how to do so here.

Team Management

How many people can we invite into our Appointlet organization?

We don't currently have a limit on how many members you can invite to Appointlet.

What happens when someone is invited?

The team members you invite will receive an email invite. When they click that, they will have access to the pages that you assign them to, based on the permissions in your team access modal.

Can we set up our team without inviting them into the app?

Appointlet works best when you invite team members directly into the account. When you do, we'll send an email for them to login and set up their profile as needed. We provide member level roles to help you control their access privileges. However, If you would like to schedule on behalf of team members, without inviting them, reach out to us and we can provide some tips on how to do that.

Can we control the permissions for our Appointlet users, to separate admins from staff?

Yes, we provide separate roles including Admin and Member to ensure that non-admin staff do not make updates to higher level organization settings.

What's the best way to distribute meetings across our team?

We provide a round robin feature that allows you to distribute meetings across any team member associated with a meeting type. You can give select members priority, so they receive the lion's share of the bookings.

Can Appointlet check availability for multiple people before displaying times to my customer?

Yes, we offer a joint scheduling feature that will look at availability across all members associated with a meeting type and display only the times when all members are available.

If I want to cancel my subscription after signing up, how will I do that?

Yes, you can use the My Meetings dashboard to view and filter through all existing bookings within your organization.

Booking Data

Can we export our company's booking data as a csv?

Yes, we offer a booking data CSV export feature on the My Meetings dashboard.

Is it possible to send our booking data to a third party app?

Yes, you can use webhooks or our Zapier integration to send your booking data to a third party application.

Will I be able to delete my account and have all personal data removed?

Yes, you can contact us to request that your organization be deleted.

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