Online scheduling for property managers

Manage all of your apartment and real estate showings in one workspace

Schedule tours of your property

  1. Promote your available homes or apartments online
  2. Define the locations and set up your availability for showings
  3. Turn on group bookings with a maximum attendee limit
  4. Include Google Maps link in your confirmation emails

Manage your team, across all of your properties

Save 20%
Key features
  • Up to 5 members
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Connect Zoom, Meet, MS Teams, Webex, and more
  • Cancel and reschedule events
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Key features
$ 10 $ 8 /member /month
  • Send Automated Reminders
  • Manually Confirm Bookings
  • Collect Payment
  • Pre-fill form fields
  • Redirect after booking
  • Zapier (CRM, SMS, Marketing)
  • Webhooks
  • Disable Appointlet Branding
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Key features
  • Priority customer support
  • Quarterly account reviews
  • Advanced security measures
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Streamline the housing application process from start to finish

Property Management

Your properties are listed online, but do you make it easy for prospective tenants and buyers to request a time to view the location in person?

During the pandemic, social distancing laws made it difficult for realty companies to offer open house showings. Property managers started using Appointlet to manage foot traffic.

Appointlet makes it easier to host open house events with smaller groups and sets realistic expectations regarding how many people may show up on a given day.

Manage unlimited properties
Appointlet supports an unlimited number of locations and lets you assign a host to the property showings.
Get direct access to prospect information
Use your booking data to capture applicant data directly, without relying on third party property listing websites
Support multiple people during each time slot
Set up the maximum number of people that can book into a time slot, to make the most of your time without overwhelming your leasing agent
Make it easier for applicants to view a property

Reliable scheduling for over 10 years

With over 7 Million bookings and 120,000 organizations served, HR teams count on Appointlet for reliable scheduling solutions
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4.3/5 — from 13+ reviews
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4.8/5 — from 86 reviews
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Property Management
Prospecting Calls

Busy leasing agents use Appointlet to schedule inbound calls about their available properties. Outbound efforts to find new renters and buyers work in the same way, With custom forms you can collect additional information about the prospect’s needs, so you come prepared for the call with the appropriate listings.

Property Management
Rental Tours

Appointlet reduces the time-to-showing, so you can secure people at their peak moment of interest. Instead of simply declaring open house hours and waiting for people to show, set up dedicated time slots that work with your schedule.

Property Management
Real Estate Showings

It can take several visits before a buyer decides to make a purchase. So from the initial open house to any follow up showing and assessments, Appointlet keeps the process simple. Real estate agents define their availability for various types of meetings, set the meeting location to the property address, and the rest is automated.

Property Management
Resident Appointments

Property managers occasionally schedule appointments with residents, after the lease has been signed. Resident portals are used for maintenance requests and an open support line may be provided. But if your support channels tend to get clogged or backed up for some reason, scheduling a time to speak with residents may be the easiest solution.

Integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps

Connect your email calendars, video conference tools, CRM, payment collection providers, and so much more!
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Here's what other companies have to say about Appointlet!

After 30 years of manual scheduling, we’ve improved productivity and scaled up our team’s bookings”.

Trevor Coley

“We manage 150+ real estate agents, helping homeowners to stage rooms in their house for prospective buyers. Appointlet has alleviated the confusion that happens with manual bookings.

Leigh Newport

“Our team has been using Appointlet successfully for over three years, acquiring more than 2,000 bookings in that time period.”

Kim Pomares

Have Questions? We’ve got answers!

How long does the free plan last?
When you first sign up, Appointlet puts you on the Free plan. You are free to use it for as long as you like. If you decide to Upgrade to the Premium plan and benefit from the premium features, you can do so at anytime from the billings page.
Is there special pricing for educators / nonprofits?
Yes, Appointlet offers a 25% discount for accredited educational institutions and non profits. You can contact support and submit proof of your company’s status to request the discount.
How many members and bookings can I have on the free plan?
The free plan currently supports unlimited members and unlimited bookings.
What's the cancellation policy?
You can cancel your premium subscription at any time. Service will be retained through the duration of your subscription period.
Are the monthly and annual subscriptions recurring?
Yes, once you select a billing cycle, the charge will recur at the same time each month (or year) until you change your plan.
Do you offer refunds?
You will qualify for a refund if you received no bookings during your current cycle. Refunds are intended for organizations that accidentally renewed a subscription and did not use it. We do not offer refunds for prior subscription cycles, regardless of use. It's your responsibility to monitor your use and cancel when you no longer need the service.
How does adding or removing users impact pricing?
Our billing system calculates prorations based on the remaining time in your current subscription cycle. So if you add a new user mid-cycle, you don’t pay full price that first month. If you delete a member from your Appointlet organization, a prorated credit will be applied to your account. These will display in your administrators billing screen.
What payment methods can I use?
We accept debit and credit card payment for monthly and annual subscriptions. Organizations that prefer to pay for an annual subscription with e-check (ACH) can contact support for details on how to submit a request.