All the features you need to stay on top of your scheduling

Streamline your scheduling workflow

Share your meeting availability with a single link

Generate a link to your scheduling page so it's easy for people to book a time with you

Manage your existing meetings

With our easy-to-use dashboard you can find all scheduled meetings - past, present and future

Cancel and reschedule effortlessly

Change your meeting plans with the click of a button and we'll make sure your attendees are notified by email

Add a scheduling page to your website

Let people schedule time with you directly from your webpage using a simple code snippet.

Create custom intake forms and questionnaires

Get all the info you need from people before you meet. Choose from a variety of field types including text, checklists, multiple choice, address fields, and more.

Send email reminders for your meetings

We'll send reminder to your attendees so they have details on when and where to show up.

Get the meetings you want, when you want them

Avoid being double-booked

We'll check your calendar for existing busy events to prevent overbooking

Approve meetings manually

Accept and decline meeting requests with a professional solution

Require advanced notice for bookings

Make sure you get enough time to prepare for your meetings

Add a scheduling page to your website

Introduce time buffers to prevent meetings from running into each other

Accept a maximum number of meetings per day

Limit the number of meetings that can be booked in one day

Limit number of attendees per meeting

Set a cap on the number of people who can attend a single meeting.

Deliver a professional scheduling experience

Showcase your brand identity

Feature your company's logo, name and brand colors on the scheduler

Display a welcome message

Greet visitors with a short statement at the top of the scheduling page.

White label your Appointlet page

Remove Appointlet branding on your scheduler and emails

Collaborate with your team and get more done

Check availability across your team

Ensure that specific teammates are available before presenting a time on the scheduling page

Pooled availability (Round robin)

Set up a round robin scheduling flow so that meetings are distributed to members equally.

Account protection

Use two-factor authentication to make your login process more secure.

Connect your existing apps and automate your workflow

Email calendars

Connect your Google or Office 365 accounts and sync events in real-time

Web conferencing

Host meetings on Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, and other platforms

Collect payment

Use Stripe to collect payments and bill attendees at the time of booking

Integrate with 2,000+ apps

Use Zapier to pass data to CRMs, SMS, and other powerful automations

Get up and running in less than 2 mins