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Sales demos are a great opportunity to showcase your product and get prospects interested in your offer. Of course, you can’t book demos until you’ve started pulling people in through the top of your sales funnel. Once you’ve done that, the success of your campaign comes down to an effective landing page design and a reliable scheduling tool.

The goal with any high touch campaign is to present your sales demo in a way that grabs the visitors’ attention and persuades them to book a time. That’s where the landing page comes into play. But there are a lot of moving parts, from collecting lead information to qualifying them, and that’s why a scheduling tool like Appointlet is so valuable. 

Landing Page Design Essentials

We spoke with Ken Marshall, chief growth strategist at RevenueZen, to get his input on design essentials. When it comes to building high converting landing pages, here’s what he considers the most important cofactors for success:

  • The first heading sets the tone. If SEO was your acquisition source, make sure that primary heading includes the target keyword topic. If you were driving traffic from paid, ensure that it matches the headline used in the ad. Consistency keeps the user moving down the page.
  • Include faces or videos of testimonials that look and sound like your target customer. Buyers want to know that you understand their unique needs. By utilizing an online video editor to craft a compelling video of your target customer persona explaining their challenges and the solutions you provided, you are more likely to resonate with the next buyer. When you have a video of your target customer persona explaining their challenges and the solutions you provided, you are more likely to resonate with the next buyer, especially when employing a video maker to craft compelling narratives.
  • Clear call to action above the fold. You’ve got about 2.5 seconds to make a first impression on the potential customer. It’s best when you have a clear benefit statement followed by a good graphicthat explains your USP and then give them clear instructions to take whatever action you want them to take. Not everyone will convert there, but it’s a great place to start. 
  • Use screenshots or a quick video overview of the most compelling aspects of the offer. Don’t forget to use a screenshot extension for more professionalism. This allows your prospect to get a deeper understanding of how it will feel for them to use the product or service. 
  • Figure out how your prospect speaks and use that language throughout the page. As listed above, prospects want to know that you understand where they are coming from. Mirroring the specific pains, needs, and desires of the customer builds empathy and shows them that you’re the perfect solution for them. 

Online Scheduling Software

The success of any sales team depends on its ability to generate leads and convert them into customers. A proper scheduling tool can make a big difference in this process by collecting important information about prospects, determining whether they qualify for a meeting, and making it easier for potential customers to schedule a meeting with your sales team. 

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With a custom intake form, you can ask specific questions that will help to understand whether the prospect is a good fit for your product or service. This can save a lot of time and energy on sales calls that might not result in sales.

In addition, you have the possibility of embedding a Scheduling Page on your homepage, which will make it easier for potential customers to find and schedule a demo. This will lead to more meetings and, in turn, more potential customers.

Another reason why a proper scheduling tool matters for sales demos is because it helps to ensure that prospects show up for the meeting on time. With automated reminders, prospects are less likely to forget about the meeting or be late. This can save a lot of time and frustration for both the salesperson and the prospect. 

What is more, a proper scheduling tool will help you collaborate with your team members. You’ll be able to see who is available and when and can coordinate schedules and pool your sales team in a Round Robin fashion.

Distributing Sales Demos with Round Robin

Round robin scheduling is a simple way to distribute demos across your team, one person at a time. This ensures each sales rep has an equal opportunity to earn their commission. Availability is pooled across all team members, giving your sales prospects the greatest number of opportunities to book a time.

To set up round robin for your landing page, you’ll need a booking app like Appointlet. Once you have an account set up, you’ll be able to create meeting types for every demo your company offers. Invite your team into the account and you can assign them to the appropriate demos. Then, when you’re ready, you can switch on round robin to pool their availability and distribute meetings evenly.

If some team members have priority (first dibs), you can use Appointlet’s priority star feature to manage their place in the team hierarchy. Users with the most stars will be cycled through first. Then, if none of them are available, Users in a lower tier will be similarly cycled through.

Configuring your team’s availability is easy. If everyone works the same hours, you can set up a global schedule at the meeting type level. On the other hand, if some staff have their own available hours, Appointlet does let you specify that as well. Whenever your team member receives a booking, they’ll be notified by email. The prospect receives a similar confirmation message. 

Appointlet also enables businesses to track the progress of each sales demo and to provide feedback to team members after the demo has been conducted. This Kiosk feedback can be used to improve the quality of future sales demos and to ensure that each team member is given the opportunity to improve their skills.

Creating a Copy Wireframe (AIDA, PAS, PBS)

Landing page design has a tremendous effect on the quality and quantity of leads generated from a landing page. Leveraging an AI landing page builder from tools like Hostinger can streamline the creation process, offering a solid foundation for layout, SEO-optimized content, and persuasive CTAs, ultimately saving valuable time while ensuring audience engagement and conversion success. Layout is only half of the battle – your written text is just as important. It needs to tell a story. 

We spoke with Michael Ruffing, agency founder at Problem Solver Consultants, to get his taken on how to write the most compelling copy. In his experience building high converting sites, the tried and true methods still work today.

The 3 most popular models of persuasion are AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), PAS (Pain, Agitate, Solution), and PBS (Pain, Benefit, Solution). Being able to show your potential customer how their life will be better with your product or service is critical to success. Too many brands only talk about themselves or all the features they pack in and don’t focus on how that will make the customers life better. Tell that story!

Features of a Great Landing Page Design

A well-crafted sales landing page can help you generate a list of qualified leads in several ways. First, you can ensure that your page appears high in the search results by creating content based on certain keywords that people are likely to search for when looking for a sales demo. Make sure to incorporate those in the right keyword density to ensure that you don’t get any penalties. This will help to increase lead generation to your page. 

Once people are on your page, you can then engage them with compelling content that convinces them to sign up for your demo. A great landing page for a sales demo should be designed to give visitors an idea of how your product can benefit them. You can draw some mockups and design inspiration from similar landing page templates on the Internet.

Here’s what Monica Bansal, Marketing Director at Hustler Marketing, had to say about landing page design and staying focused: 

The landing page should be singularly focused on one product, campaign or conversion goal, which means staying on course.  For when example, if the landing page promotes a certain product, it can have all the information about that particular product, testimonials about it, and content about it, but not about the others.

When it comes to an email campaign and its landing page, it needs to look and feel like the email campaign that got a user to it. Many times, a campaign promoting a landing page and the landing page itself are disconnected. Hustler has written a fair bit about consistency in an email marketing landing page.

Thirdly, the landing page must have a clear action item for the user to perform, which is, of course represented by a CTA button. 

One important aspect of usability testing is evaluating the design of a website’s pages. This includes the layout, organization, and use of elements such as buttons, links, and forms. A website’s design plays a critical role in determining how easy it is for users to find the information they need and complete the tasks they come to the website to do. Your website design is crucial for making a strong first impression. 

By conducting usability testing specifically on the design of a website’s pages, developers can ensure that the website is easy to use, visually appealing, and meets the needs of its users. To effectively test your website and save some time, it might be a good idea to utilize website usability testing tool.

The page should include relevant information about your product, such as features, pricing, and testimonials from satisfied customers, as well as be easy to navigate and include a strong call to action that encourages visitors to sign up for a demo to learn more. Keyword-rich content attracts leads, and compelling content converts them. Also, don’t forget to create a responsive design that gives people a better user experience on mobile devices.

Sales demos can be a great way to encourage prospects to move forward in the sales funnel. By scheduling regular sales demos, you can provide prospects with an overview of your product or service and allow them to see how it benefits them. This can help to build trust and confidence and ultimately encourage them to take the next step in the sales process.

Enable visitors to book a demo

If you’re looking to enable visitors to request a demo on your website, there are a few different ways to go about it. One option is to embed your Scheduling Page in the form of an iframe. This will allow visitors to book a demo directly on your website without leaving the page. 

To embed your Scheduling Page from Appointlet, click the Share button, and there will be an option to select an Embed On Website button to add the Scheduling Page to your UI. Then, you will have some room for choice: to embed it directly to your website or to make it as a floating popup widget. 

Choose an option and click on the Customize & Get Instructions button that will enable you to copy the script to add the code wherever you want on the website for easy embedding. Another option is to add a CTA (call-to-action) to your website that will link to your Scheduling Page. This is a great way to make it easy for visitors to find and request a demo. Whichever method you choose, be sure to test it out to make sure it’s working properly.

Key landing page design elements that drive sales

Many different elements can be included in the best landing page design examples, and the specific elements you use will depend on the goals of your page. It doesn’t matter what landing page builder you use, there are a few key website design tips that can make or break the success of your pages, such as headlines, subheadings, images, videos, adding icons, forms, and calls to action. Let’s examine them closer. 

The value proposition in the headline and subhead

Your headline and subheadline are your opportunities to make a strong first impression and persuade your readers to keep reading. Your header should be clear and direct, with a strong hook that grabs attention and makes readers want to learn more. Your subheadline should contain a unique selling point (USP) that sets you apart from your competition and elaborates on your header, providing more detail and explaining your value proposition. Your value proposition should be clear and compelling, offering a unique solution to your audience’s problem.

A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It is a statement articulates what benefit a company, product, or service will provide to its new customers. A page headline should match the value proposition in the ad copy so that readers know what they can expect to find on the page. A value proposition in a headline and subhead can be an effective way to grab attention and persuade readers to keep reading.

Single and focused call-to-action

A single, focused call-to-action is one of the most important UX design tips for a successful landing page design. Keeping the page focused on a single goal increases the chances that visitors will take the desired action. It should be prominently displayed and easy to understand so that users know exactly what they need to do. Furthermore, it’s better to be a minimalist and leverage a lot of white space around your call-to-action. A CTA button should also highlight an introductory offer that encourages users to take action.

To be effective, your CTA button must stand out from the rest of your content, both in terms of color scheme and font. Using a bright color for your CTA will keep it from blending in with other elements on the page, and a distinct font will make it easy to read and click. Use strong action verbs and persuasive language to encourage visitors to take the desired action.

Moreover, placing your booking button above the fold on your website ensures that visitors will see it immediately upon landing on your page.

The most valuable place on your website is above the fold, so make sure your CTA button is placed there so that readers see it as soon as they open your website. For example, web app developers should place CTAs on the blog posts they publish. This way, site visitors can immediately see crucial information about their services after reading relevant blog content.

Strong, contextual hero visual content

There’s no question that strong, visual hero content is a key element of any effective landing page design. After all, it’s the first thing visitors see when they arrive on your page, so making a good impression is crucial.

But what makes for strong hero visual content? First and foremost, it should be relevant to the page’s overall message and purpose and should accurately reflect the value proposition. In other words, your hero visual content should work together with the rest of your responsive design to create a cohesive, effective overall experience for visitors. When done right, it can significantly impact your conversion rate.

In addition, eye-catching, visually appealing content can help to capture the attention of visitors and make them stay longer on your website by providing information about your product or service. Most companies use moving images or sliders as their hero content, and you can also create great moving picture effects online for free if you have relevant images. This is because strong, contextual hero visual content is essential for giving new customers a sense of what using the product is like. By creating compelling hero visuals that show the product in use, you can grab attention and give people a better understanding of what the product does and how it can benefit them. It helps to build trust and confidence in the product, which is essential for making a sale.

Testimonials and other forms of social proof

Testimonials and other forms of social proof are important for building trust with potential customers, backing up your value proposition, and increasing the conversion rate. They provide a third-party endorsement of your product or service and can help to boost confidence in your brand, even if it is a startup.

  • Customer testimonials are a powerful form of social proof, as they offer first-hand accounts of the satisfaction and value that your products or services provided. 
  • Case studies are another effective form of social proof, as they provide detailed accounts of how your products or services have helped others to achieve their desired results.
  • Reviews and ratings can also help provide social proof, especially in eCommerce, as they offer an unbiased assessment of your products or services on social media from those who have actually used them. 
  • Press mentions can help create a sense of buzz around your business. If you are a SaaS business, consider working with a SaaS PR agency to secure press mentions and generate media coverage that can build excitement and credibility for your business in the industry.
  • Incorporating guarantee seals or third-party trust and security certifications can help instill confidence in potential customers that your eCommerce site is safe and reliable. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for secure data transmission can further enhance the security aspect, ensuring that customer data is protected. Prioritize the safety of your data by considering using a VPN while traveling or working remotely from various locations.

Driving Qualified Traffic with Google Ads

Of course, even with the best landing page on the internet, you have to drive traffic to your site. We asked agency founder Yauheni Chvanau of DiscoverMyBusiness for his input on landing page designs for different types of incoming traffic. With the experience and solutions we provide to our clients, his team noticed the highest conversion rates coming from Google Ads.

There are  type of traffic cold, warm and hot – each of those types MUST have different landing pages, different marketing funnels and different automation strategies. For example, if clients focus in a hot traffic, meaning the people already know what they’re looking for, the best solution would be to work with a landing page which has a contact form and phone number, there is no other option but take action now to speak with business. This is the easiest way to close deals in the next 24 hours!

On another hand cold and warm traffic, have a different pipeline for example when you focus on particularly cold traffic, people still need to learn more about your service before contacting your office, that’s why you need to provide people with emails, videos, DIY info or free ebooks about your service, but in those emails, you want to make sure that you have a call to action which ask them interested in free consult. It is also important to have prequalification questions on the booking page so you will not waste your time on cold leads who just wasn’t to ask the same question from free materials. In the same way, you must know which type of messages you use in your SMS marketing texts by examining the best SMS marketing examples available.

If your marketing page is driving sales for low ticket items rather than demos, Geron Coleman of KDI Media had this to say. Brands that implement the right omnichannel marketing strategy and technology can improve their ad campaign performance dramatically. For low-ticket items, the advertising campaign should provide information about the nearby locations that will have the products available on the shelf, the consumers are still able to purchase the product(s) versus experiencing a wasted ad spend and no product sales.

Optimizing Your SEO for Organic Ranking

With everything else in place, you can optimize your page rank through tactical SEO (search engine optimization). We recommend you leverage tools like AHREFs and SEMRush for the initial keyword research. Some content management systems will include plugins like Yoast that test on-page SEO. 

Software like SE Ranking On-Page SEO tool can also help you analyze your sales landing page to reveal any errors that may prevent it from ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs). By identifying these errors, you can then take steps to correct them and ensure that your site is optimized for search engine success. After undertaking a website data transfer, such as PrestaShop to WooCommerce migration, optimizing your SEO stands out as an absolute necessity. Once you have everything else set up correctly, focusing your efforts on strategic SEO tactics is key to increasing your page rank and strengthening your online visibility.

When it comes to designing tips for a high-converting landing page for a sales demo using a scheduling tool, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. First and foremost, the page should be designed to be highly conversion-focused, with a clear and concise call-to-action that tells the target audience what to do and encourages them to schedule a demo. You can experiment with two different variants of the page, or a CTA, by carrying out an a/b testing to determine which one works better.

Additionally, the page should feature a strong headline and subheadline with a brief description of the offered product or service. The page should also feature a strong visual element, such as an image or video, to grab the attention of visitors and encourage them to learn more about the product.

Finally, ensure to include testimonials from satisfied customers and/or case studies showing how the tool has helped others achieve success. Following these simple guidelines can create an effective landing page that will help you close more deals and grow your business.

Alina Tytarenko

Alina Tytarenko

Alina Tytarenko is a senior outreach manager at SE Ranking. She enjoys working on search engine strategies and finding new link-building approaches. In her spare time, she experiments with cooking and struggles to brush her cats.

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