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Essential Plan
Premium Plan
Scheduling Pages
Display your availability
Showcase your brand identity
Display a welcome message
Scheduling page dashboard
Unlimited scheduling pages
Easy to test and share
Meetings Dashboard
View your meeting list
Cancel and reschedule easily
View a target date range
Search through meetings
Filter by meeting type or status
Meeting details
Meeting types
Meeting Type Editor interface
Custom meeting type appearance
Meeting duration
Meeting location
Host assignment
Maximum meetings per day
Allow cancellations
Allow rescheduling
Limit number of attendees
Required notice
Meeting instructions
Reminder Emails
Manual Approval
Redirect after booking
Configure your Availability
Recurring availability schedules
Block out busy times
Target custom date range
Option for multiple schedules
Configure time zone
Pooled availability (Round robin)
Custom intake forms
Collect name and email
Collect any kind of form response
Automated location field handling
Pre-fill form responses
Scheduling Page sharing
Link to scheduler
Link to meeting type
Share to social accounts
Embed button on website
Embed scheduler directly on page
Account management
Set your time zone as a user
Option for 2FA
Turn branding off
Team management
Invite team to organization
User level roles and permissions
Decide who can be scheduled
Native Integrations
Email calendar integration
Web conference integration
Stripe integration
Zapier integration

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