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Scheduling Pages
Display your availability

Use your scheduling page to showcase the times you're available. People select a time and fill out a form to request meetings with you.

Showcase your brand identity

Feature your company's logo and name at the top of the scheduler. Add custom icons to style your meeting selector screen.

Display a welcome message

Greet your visitors with a short statement at the top of the scheduling page, beneath the company name and logo.

Scheduling page dashboard

Each scheduling page acts as a portfolio of meeting types. Most companies only need one page and they share this link with customers, allowing them to choose the best meeting type. Direct links to meeting types are also available.

Unlimited scheduling pages

Create unique scheduling pages for all of your needs. Midsized companies with a customer support, sales, and HR team may each want a dedicated page.

Easy to test and share

View your scheduling page from the dashboard. When you're happy with the way it looks, use Appointlet's share tool to provide direct links or generate code snippets for your website.

Meetings Dashboard
View your meeting list

Scroll through your past, present and upcoming meetings from the Meetings dashboard.

Cancel and reschedule easily

Use a meeting's record in the dashboard to cancel or reschedule the event. Your actions will trigger automated email notifications to all of the attendees.

View a target date range

Limit the meetings shown to a specific period of time.

Search through meetings

Search for key word associated with a meeting, like the attendee name or email, to return that meeting quickly.

Filter by meeting type or status

Elect to show only those meetings that belong to a specific member

Meeting details

View the details of a meeting on your dashboard to access attendee form responses. If your meeting's location is on a web conference, the meeting details will provide a join conference button.

Meeting types
Meeting Type Editor interface

A single place for all of your meeting type configuration. So you don't have to bounce all around the app just to set up your account.

Custom meeting type appearance

Label your meeting types, customize the permalink, and add iconography for visual flare. Appointlet also offers color coding, to help organize the meeting types on your scheduling page dashboard.

Meeting duration

Assign a length of time to each meeting type. Once a meeting is scheduled, that block of time will be taken into account when displaying your availability.

Meeting location

Designate the location or collect it from attendee on intake form. You can set location to "place" or "phone" and we'll automatically generate a special field for you.

Host assignment

Determine whether a single person will be assigned to this meeting. If not, you can assign multiple team members to it or set up a round robin for pooled availability.


Prevent your meetings from running into each other by giving yourself a break.

Maximum meetings per day

Limit the number of meetings you can be booked for in one day.

Allow cancellations

Dictate whether or not users can cancel the meetings they scheduled with you.

Allow rescheduling

Determine whether or not users can reschedule the meetings they booked with you.

Limit number of attendees

Set a cap on the number of people who can attend a single meeting.

Required notice

Prevent users from booking you without enough notice or too much notice. Set up a minimum and maximum value for each meeting type.

Meeting instructions

Include a message in the confirmation and reminder emails that attendees receive after they book a meeting.

Reminder Emails

We'll send reminder to your attendees so they have details on when and where to show up.

Manual Approval

Give yourself an opportunity to approve/reject meetings before they are confirmed.

Redirect after booking

Send people to your website after they are done booking. We'll also send along data related to the booking.

Configure your Availability
Recurring availability schedules

By default, Appointlet will provide you with a weekly recurring schedule. Enter your core availability here and modify it as needed.

Block out busy times

Use busy events in your integrated email calendar to block specific days or times in your Appointlet availability.

Target custom date range

You can schedule availability for a specific period of time using the date range feature.

Option for multiple schedules

For users with multiple schedules, Appointlet lets you enter them all and set priority based on a hierarchy.

Configure time zone

Set your availability to a specific time zone, so we can adjust the availability automatically. Alternatively, you can lock the scheduler's display to a specific time zone.

Pooled availability (Round robin)

Pool together the availability of all the team members that service a meeting type. You can configure their unique availability within the pool and Appointlet will show end users all of the combined available times.

Custom intake forms
Collect name and email

Appointlet will always collect the name and email of your attendee by default

Collect any kind of form response

Choose from a variety of field types including text, checklists, multiple choice, address fields, and more. Your selection will change the design of the form field.

Automated location field handling

If you configure the meeting type's location to collect a phone number or address from the attendee, Appointlet will automatically generate a form field to collect it.

Pre-fill form responses

Advanced users can use pre-filling to pass data from a previous website into the scheduler. If you're passing in private data like IDs, we also give you the option to hide the field so that it receives the field response silently.

Scheduling Page sharing
Link to scheduler

Link directly to your Appointlet scheduling page to allow an audience to choose from the meeting types within that collection.

Link to meeting type

Link directly to a meeting type if you don't want the end user to be given the choice.

Share to social accounts

We provide an easy way to share your Appointlet link to social accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Embed button on website

Generate a code snippet for a Book Now button. When users click it, a popover screen will appear on the same page, so users don't have to go to a new page to schedule a time.

Embed scheduler directly on page

If you prefer an inline scheduler (rather than end users having to click a button first), we provide a code snippet for that option as well.

Account management
Set your time zone as a user

We'll use this information to present meeting data to you in a way that makes sense.

Option for 2FA

Use your Google or Office accounts to log into Appointlet, so you don't have to create and store a password for our service.

Turn branding off

With a premium account you can disable Appointlet branding

Team management
Invite team to organization

Account owner and administrators can invite other users to the platform.

User level roles and permissions

Once someone has been invited, assign a role to scope their permissions according to their job position.

Decide who can be scheduled

Use a switch to turn off scheduling for team members who are administrators only.

Native Integrations
Email calendar integration

Connect as many Google and Office 365 calendars as you have. Assign the default booking calendar and choose which calendars Appointlet should listen to for busy events.

Web conference integration

Connect your web conference providers of choice. Options include Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, and Join.Me.

Stripe integration

Collect payment from your attendees during the scheduling flow, so you don't have to request it manually anymore.

Zapier integration

Connect to third party applications including SMS providers, CRMs, Email marketing solutions, and more. You can learn more about our Zapier integrations here.

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