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Cisco Webex provides a high quality video conferencing platform that brings you face-to-face with your meeting attendees. Its capacity for up to 100,000 participants and the option to display 25 people at a time makes their service an excellent choice for large virtual meetings, webinars, and webcasts.

For sales pitches and instructional videos, Cisco WebEx lets you share your screen or specific documents like a Powerpoint slideshow presentation to place key metrics in front of your audience.

Whenever an attendee signs up for a meeting in Appointlet, they will receive an automated confirmation email that includes a link to join the Cisco WebEx conference. A personal room will be assigned to each meeting with a unique ID in the join link. This secures your meetings and makes sure that attendees don’t join the wrong meeting at the wrong time.

Your meeting hosts and admin can join, cancel or reschedule meetings from the Appointlet dashboard. These options are also presented in email notifications and calendar events. These video conferences will be automatically rescheduled within the Cisco WebEx platform to ensure maximum convenience for your team.

Features and benefits

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Screen Sharing
Users can share their screen, window, or browser tab with the moderator’s permission.
Noise Removal
WebEx will detect noise in the environment of participants and strip it out of the audio signal, improving the quality of your call in noisy situations.
Gesture Recognition
Body movements like a thumbs up and down can be detected and used for quick votes in a meeting. An emoji will appear on the screen, matching the gesture.
Automatic Transcription
Record your meeting transcripts automatically with the voice-to-text feature. This is a great alternative to taking notes manually during a call.
Custom Layouts
Choose from a variety of layouts as a user, based on what you find easiest to look at.
1000 Participants Max
WebEx supports up to 1000 participants, depending on your subscription plan.

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Appointlet x Cisco WebEx

Got Questions? We've got answers!

- Will each meeting have its own dedicated WebEx link?
Yes, whenever someone books a virtual meeting in Appointlet, a WebEx URL will be created and attached to the email notifications for your host and attendees.
What happens when meetings are cancelled or rescheduled in Appointlet?
Your WebEx meetings and the corresponding links will be updated accordingly. New links will be emailed and calendar events will be updated if a meeting is rescheduled.
Can other people accidentally join the wrong meeting and interrupt my conferences?
No. Each meeting scheduled in Appointlet has a unique WebEx URL, meaning one attendee will not have the link to join another attendee’s meeting
Can we use one WebEx account for multiple Appointlet users?
No, each person who plans to join a WebEx meeting will need their own WebEx account. These accounts should be connected to their Appointlet user profiles.
Is it possible for me to use a single WebEx link for all of my bookings?
Yes, but we don’t recommend it. If you want to, you can set your meeting to have no location and add your WebEx link in the meeting instructions as a workaround.
How will people join our the web conference at the time of the meeting?
Yes, they are considered the world’s leading services for collecting payments online, alongside PayPal and Square Payments. Links to join the meeting will be included in confirmation and reminder emails, as well as email calendar events. You can integrate with an SMS service to include them in texts.
Frequently Asked Questions

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