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Leverage your booking page and intake forms to drive people into the appropriate marketing campaigns

Zapier Integration

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What is Zapier
Send people into marketing campaigns based on the types of services they schedule

Use Appointlet intake forms to gather important insights about your leads and clients. Add them to the appropriate campaign based on their form responses or the types of meetings they schedule.

How to connect Gmail to Appointlet

Sign up
Sign up for Zapier
Register your account so that you can begin listening for Appointlet events
Choose a trigger
Choose a trigger and action
Select an Appointlet trigger and the action you want to take in Gmail
Takes care of the rest
Zapier takes care of the rest
Turn on the Zap and it will automatically process every Appointlet booking you receive

Unlock new revenue and engagement with Gmail

Unlock the power

Your marketing team understands that the customer journey has many different paths. Set up conditions in Zapier that place people into the right marketing campaigns, based on the types of meetings they book and the answers they provide to your Appointlet intake forms. Capture important attribution data with UTM parameters and pixel tracking.

Features and benefits

Appointlet Integrations offer a wide range of features and benefits that can speed up productivity for your team
Create contacts
Register new visitors whenever they book a meeting with you
Tag existing subscribers
Attendees that are already on your list can be tagged according to new types of meetings
Post-meeting follow up
Appointlet lets Zapier know when your scheduled meeting has ended, so you can fire off an automated thank you message
Granular rulesets
Pass your attendees into different email campaigns depending on their form responses and the meeting types they choose
Conversion tracking
Record UTM parameters and send them into your marketing tool to track conversions
Newsletter inclusion
Grow your outbound mailing list with each new booking you receive in Appointlet

Got Questions? We've got answers!

Can we send registered attendees into our email marketing campaigns?
Absolutely. When a new person schedules their first meeting with you, Zapier will pass that booking data into your email marketing tool of choice and add them to a list.
Can we send people into different campaigns depending on the meeting they book?
Yes, you can set up rules that determine which campaign they go into. This could be based on the type of meeting they schedule, as well as other factors like the response they give to specific intake form fields.
Can I use a standard contact form and use Appointlet in an email campaign instead?
If you prefer to capture lead information using a traditional form, you can use Zapier to integrate with your email marketing tool and add the appropriate scheduling link to that campaign.
What if we just want to track conversion events and attribution?
Appointlet accepts UTM parameters, so if you’re trying to monitor the source of a booking and pass it along to a marketing tool, you can do that.
Frequently Asked Questions

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