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Distribute inbound sales opportunities across your team and pass the booking data into your CRM automatically.

Zapier Integration

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What is Zapier
Drive Appointlet booking data into third-party apps

Zapier can check whether new bookings are associated with a new or existing user in your CRM. This helps to eliminate duplicate entries and update existing records when necessary.

How to connect Hubspot to Appointlet

Sign up
Sign up for Zapier
Register your account to begin listening for Appointlet events
Choose a trigger
Choose a trigger and action
Select an Appointlet trigger and the action you want to take in Hubspot
Takes care of the rest
Zapier takes care of the rest
Turn on the Zap and start sending lead data directly into your CRM

Unlock your sales team's full potential with Hubspot

Unlock the power

Embed Appointlet on your website and share scheduling links in outbound email campaigns to shorten the sales cycle. Capture important information from your leads and use Zapier to pass that data into your CRM. Meetings can be evenly distributed across your team with Appointlet's round robin algorithm, so every SDR and AE has an opportunity to earn their commission.

Features and benefits

Appointlet Integrations offer a wide range of features and benefits that can speed up productivity for your team
Capture new leads
Embed your scheduling page on a website or add a link in your email blasts to capture new leads
Qualify prospects
Use attendee responses to your Appointlet intake form, to qualify them and identify your ideal prospects
Manage pipeline
As bookings come in, fill your CRM with new opportunities and manage their customer journey from there
Distribute evenly
Ensure that every member of your sales team has an equal opportunity to earn their commission
Better handoffs
Help SDRs coordinate follow up meetings with account executives and customer support reps
Oversee bookings
Give executive members of your sales team better visibility over bookings and distribution

Got Questions? We've got answers!

How does Appointlet update our CRM?
Whenever a new booking comes in, you can tell Zapier to check for an existing records of that lead. If they don’t exist, Zapier will generate a new record and you can pass in any additional booking data captured by the scheduler.
How do we distribute meetings fairly across our sales team?
Appointlet includes a round robin algorithm that ensures every SDR, BDR, and AE gets a fair share of meetings. Once a rep is booked, they go to the back of the line and the next booking goes to the next staff member.
Can we use Appointlet to capture more leads and qualify prospects?
Yes! Sharing your scheduling links in outbound emails and embedding the page on your website are two great ways to get more leads. Ask them important questions on the intake form, so your CRM can automatically qualify them prior to the call.
What happens with returning customers? Will it create duplicate entries?
Zapier lets you check the email address and validate whether they already exist in your system. If so, you can either decline to make an update, or you can choose to update only specific fields that may have changed.
Frequently Asked Questions

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