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Auto-generate events in your Microsoft 365 Business calendar and make sure you’re never double-booked.

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The Microsoft 365 business calendar is a cloud-based subscription service by Microsoft. Designed for managing schedules within an organization, the software uses Advanced Threat Protection and data loss protection policies to secure private company data.

Appointlet integrates with Office seamlessly to generate calendar events any time a new booking is created. Detect existing events in your calendars, including those created by you and shared with you, to make sure you’re never double-booked.

Each calendar event created by Appointlet includes the attendee’s booking information, so your team can get caught up prior to the meeting. Attendees also receive a copy of the calendar event and meeting details.

If a meeting is canceled or rescheduled, Appointlet moves or deletes your team’s Office calendar event automatically to make sure your calendar view is accurate.

Features and benefits

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Busy times
Appointlet will check your Office calendar for busy events to prevent double bookings
Create new events
Generate a unique Office Calendar event whenever you’re booked in Appointlet
Add event attendees
Option to add Appointlet attendees directly to your Office Calendar events
Unlimited accounts
Connect all of your Office Calendar accounts to your Appointlet user profile
Team management
Manage all of your team’s Office Calendar events in the Appointlet meeting dashboard

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Appointlet x Microsoft 365

Got Questions? We've got answers!

Is this Appointlet Office 365 integration safe to use?
Yes - we use the standard, state of the art OAuth2 integration and display the permissions that we’ll be asking
If I connect Office 365, can other people see my calendar events?
No, an appointlet user’s connected calendar (and the event details within it) are not visible to other Appointlet team members or event attendees.
If I delete an Office 365 event, does it cancel my meeting?
No, deleting an event will not cancel your meeting. Cancellation options are available in the calendar event itself, as well as the email notifications and in-app meeting dashboard.
If I move an Office 365 event, will it automatically reschedule the event?
No, rescheduling should be performed using the link provided in the calendar or in the email notifications. You can also use the in-app meeting dashboard to reschedule events.
Can I add (invite) additional people to an Office 365 event that was booked through Appointlet?
Yes, you can add other people to a calendar event created by Appointlet. Just be aware that they will not receive the standard confirmation and reminder emails set up in Appointlet. Instead, they will receive any notifications that the meeting host has configured for their Google Calendar events.
Will Appointlet’s staff be able to view my Office 365 event details?
No - none of the details of your events are visible to our company. The integration simply allows us to check for the presence of a busy event (start and stop time), to block availability in Appointlet.
If someone RSVPs “no” to my Office 365 event, will it cancel the meeting?
RSVP responses will not have any impact on your Appointlet booking.
Frequently Asked Questions

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