Appointlet and Slack Powered by Zapier

Monitor bookings outside of Appointlet with your favorite project management tools

Zapier Integration

What is Zapier?

What is Zapier
When someone books a time with you, Appointlet sends the data to Zapier and passes it along into your project management software

Create new tickets and alerts to help your project managers watch for inbound meeting requests, without logging into Appointlet.

How to connect Slack to Appointlet

Sign up
Sign up for Zapier
Register your account so that you can begin listening for Appointlet events
Choose a trigger
Choose a trigger and action
Select an Appointlet trigger and the action you want to take in Slack
Takes care of the rest
Zapier takes care of the rest
Turn on the Zap and it will automatically process every Appointlet booking you receive

Grant access to Appointlet booking information within Slack

Unlock the power

Make it easier for project managers to track bookings as they come in. Surface the attendee's name, email, and form responses in discrete tickets, so they don't have to be migrated over manually.

Features and benefits

Appointlet Integrations offer a wide range of features and benefits that can speed up productivity for your team
Create new tasks
Generate new tickets whenever your organization receives a booking
Update boards
Check for existing tickets associated with an attendee and update them accordingly
Notify your team
Send automated notifications to members of your team when a booking is created
Stay organized
Keep all of your bookings under one roof to manage your team more effectively
Improve visibility
Migrate booking data into a space where your whole organization can view it
Monitor pipeline
Move tasks and tickets along a progress board to maximize productivity

Got Questions? We've got answers!

Does Appointlet charge extra for SMS?
No, our premium subscription includes access to the Zapier integration.
Does Zapier charge for using SMS services?
Zapier has a limited free plan and a few tiers of service above that, depending on your usage.
What does it cost to send text messages?
This will depend on the service that you choose to integrate with. Check their pricing page for details.
Can I send SMS notifications to members of our team?
Yes, you can hardcode a specific phone number belonging to someone on your team, so that they’re notified of bookings and reminders.
Frequently Asked Questions

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