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Zoom offers a secure video conference service with password protection and encryption on all meetings. Support up to 1,000 participants and 49 videos on screen at a time. HD video and audio helps you avoid connectivity issues so you can host the meeting without distractions.

Attendees receive a confirmation (and optional reminder) emails with a “join meeting” button so it’s easy to get on the call. Your team members can also access the Zoom meeting directly from the Appointlet dashboard, email, and calendar event details.

It doesn’t look good when customers show up ahead of schedule and interrupt calls that they weren’t invited to. Simply connect your Zoom account to Appointlet and a unique Zoom URL will be generated for each of your video conferences.

Features and benefits

Learn more about Zoom's video conferencing services
Blurred background
Zoom’s background blurring effect will keep you focus and blur the background to give you some privacy
Virtual background
Swap your existing background for any image. Choose from Zoom’s collection or upload your own
Record meetings
With your attendee’s permission, record Zoom meetings for your organization to reference later as needed
Audio Transcripts
This is a great alternative to taking notes manually during the meeting. Transcribe your recorded meetings from voice to text
500 Participants Max
Zoom offers 500 participants, representing an above average capacity for video conferencing software
Enhanced Privacy
Custom Zoom URL for each of your Appointlet bookings. This prevents other people from intruding on a meeting, if they arrive at the wrong time

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Appointlet x Zoom

Got Questions? We've got answers!

Will each meeting have its own dedicated Zoom link?
Yes, whenever someone books a Zoom meeting in Appointlet, a new Zoom URL is created and attached to the email notifications for your host and attendees.
What happens when meetings are cancelled or rescheduled in Appointlet?
Your Zoom meetings and the corresponding links will be updated accordingly. New links will be emailed and calendar events will be updated if a meeting is rescheduled.
Can other people accidentally join the wrong meeting and interrupt my conferences?
No. Each meeting scheduled in Appointlet has a unique Zoom URL, meaning one attendee will not have the link to join another attendee’s meeting.
Can we use one Zoom account for multiple Appointlet users?
No, each person who plans to join a Zoom meeting will need their own account. These accounts should be connected to their Appointlet user profiles.
Is it possible for me to use a single Zoom link for all of my bookings?
Yes, but we don’t recommend it. If you want to, you can set your meeting to have no location and add your Zoom link in the meeting instructions. This is a workaround.
How does Appointlet handle Zoom passwords?
Appointlet uses unique meeting IDs without passwords, reducing complications for attendees to join, while retaining your privacy with URLs that are too hard to guess.
Frequently Asked Questions

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