Hubspot CRM

Send your booking data into Hubspot CRM and create new customer records or update existing ones.

Hubspot is a customer relationship management tool that helps sales and customer success teams provide better service. With support for unlimited users, data, and up to one million contacts with no time limit or expiration date, Hubspot CRM can host companies of almost any size.

When a prospect enters your sales funnel and schedules a sales demo, you can automatically pass their Appointlet booking data directly into Hubspot as a new client record. This allows for better lead tracking and will help improve customer conversions.

After the call, your sales representatives can record meeting notes for the rest of the team to review. These notes create continuity through the sales cycle and are valuable later during the handoff between your sales and customer success teams.

Keeping detailed meetings notes on your customer records allows for quick access to key account details, leading to better client relationships and higher retention rates.

Other Integrations

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