Salesforce CRM

Send booking data into Salesforce CRM to manage contacts and leads in your campaigns.

Salesforce is an industry-leading CRM designed to support marketing, sales, and service teams. From the moment a prospect engages with your brand, Salesforce helps you to identify quality leads and nurture them through your sales pipeline.

When new leads schedule a meeting with your company, Appointlet collects booking information and uses it to create or update a record in your Salesforce campaign.

After the meeting, your sales team can take notes on these leads and update their records to keep a progress log.

Once a lead converts into a paying customer, Salesforce provides realtime Livemessage tools to provide high touch support based on recorded client history. With the Appointlet chrome extension, it’s easy to grab a link to the appropriate meeting type and share it in live chat.

Over time, the automation of redundant administrative tasks boosts productivity across all teams and leads to meaningful growth in revenue.

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