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    “English is not their first language for many of our clients. The experience of picking a location, service, date and time has proven to be more intuitive for them.” – Laci Texter

    Cabanillas & Associates

    “We love Appointlet and how easy it was for us to set up. Parents appreciated the user experience.” – Christopher Brida

    Lincoln High School

    “Our customer onboarding team uses Appointlet to schedule meetings with new prospects and channel their lead data into Salesforce and Intercom.“ – James Andrews


    “After 30 years of manual scheduling, Gatti HR switched to Appointlet in early 2018. We’ve improved productivity and scaled up the number of team members who can receive bookings.“ – Trevor Coley


    “We manage 150+ real estate agents, helping homeowners to stage rooms in their house for prospective buyers. Appointlet has alleviated the confusion that happens with manual bookings.” – Leigh Newport

    Staged By Design

    “Our techs are saving two to three minutes per ticket on over 22,000 tickets a year. That adds up, fast.” – Brad Immanuel, Director of CRC

    Stanford University

    “Because of the widespread interest in our program and limited resources, we couldn’t do all of this manually. With the help of Appointlet, we were able to set up our entire program and begin signing up tutors in a matter of days.” – Tejit P.

    Columbia University

    “Our team has been using Appointlet successfully for over three years, acquiring more than 2,000 bookings in that time period.” – Kim Pomares