3 Essential Marketing Strategies to Beat Competition In a Crowded Market


Marketing strategies are constantly evolving with changes to the technology that supports them. For example, the recent iOS 14 privacy updates have made it more difficult to access user data, forcing companies to take new approaches. A savvy marketer makes sure they’re aware of the latest techniques to attract and engage an audience.

Advertisers can no longer get by using mainstream and overused marketing strategies, such as giving away business flyers or cold calling your prospects. To stay ahead of the competition and develop a competitive edge, you need a more advanced marketing strategy.

Today, people craved brand connections more than ever. This is the reason why marketing strategies nowadays mainly focus on making customers and prospects feel more comfortable and supported.

This article will break down the top marketing strategies you can utilize to take your campaign to the whole next level. We’ll also recommend a robust tool that can make your marketing campaign much easier and more effective.

Let’s dive in!

At the center of all your marketing strategies: Focus on your sales funnel!

A great marketing strategy starts with a well-defined sales funnel. Having a solid understanding of your sales funnel allows you to see your consumer journey and the stages they go through before making a purchase.

Sales funnel in Marketing Strategies

Source: Artifex Marketing Studio

More often than not, the sales funnel consist of three stages:

  • Top of the funnel. This is where you need to build solid brand awareness so you can turn raw website traffic into leads.
  • Middle of the funnel. In this stage, you should focus on nurturing channels where you qualify leads that are accepted by sales.
  • Bottom of the funnel. After the leads are accepted by sales, this is where you can convert them into actual customers.

Since each stage of the funnel has its own goal, you need to adjust your marketing strategies for each funnel. This way, you can create a relevant campaign and get compounding growth results in your business. Take StuDocu as an example. Even though they don’t sell a product, their funnel needs a very solid structure since participating students are the main source of new leads and users.

For instance, you create awareness campaigns for your new products to build an audience base, and you need to target this audience with ads to generate interest and build an emotional connection before hitting them with a powerful call-to-action.

Strategy #2: Build a visual story with explainer videos

After years of being a nice-to-have marketing tool, explainer videos have finally become essential in every savvy marketer’s toolbox. This type of video is well-known for its capability in breaking down complex ideas into smaller chunks, making the information much easier to digest for your target customers.

Moreover, it also provides you an opportunity and a light-hearted way of building your visual brand’s story. After all, in this digital era, businesses need a digital strategy guide based on authentic, honest messaging to build a base of loyal customers and attract more attention. You can also share content created by your customers which is proven to be more trusted by customers. User-generated content includes testimonials and feedback from your existing customer base, which can be used to attract more potential customers.

You can use explainer videos created with the help of After Effects Templates available online to tell a story about your brand, product, mission, and values. Those such stories make it much easier for you to engage people on a deeper level. With powerful video editing software, your compelling video content will communicate your message effectively

For you, as a marketer or a business owner, the explainer video above has several powerful takeaways:

  • Speak to your target audience’s emotions to grab their attention
  • Take a stab of humor that fits the style and tone you want potential customers to associate with
  • Highlight your unique selling points and what makes your brand different from your competitors

By telling your brand’s visual story through explainer videos, you will be able to educate your audience about your products and create top-of-mind brand awareness and make a positive, long-lasting impression. On the videos, you can showcase your brand’s message through the branding elements and, most importantly, your logo design.

However, you need to create proper, well-crafted explainer videos to show your professionalism and authority. If you have decent design or videography skills, you can use online tools out there. But, if you want an easier way, you can hire a professional explainer video company. Pick the right atmosphere and shooting style, add background music to your video, apply filters, and insert text and animation if necessary. This will make your explainer videos look more lively and fun to watch.

American Trucks, a truck accessories marketplace, apply this technique fantastically with their explainer video series “The Haul”. In it, they review different parts and give context so potential buyers can have info on products before purchasing them.

Strategy #3: Marketing Automation Software

In this digital era, running digital marketing campaigns without the help of online tools and software is like catching fish with bare hands. Your chances of success are actually very slim.

From content creation to marketing performance tracking, there are tons of marketing tools that you can utilize to help you perform marketing-related tasks seamlessly. But, one of the most overlooked ones is the appointment scheduling tools.

To make sure you don’t lose hot prospects to email overload, you can utilize Appointlet. The tool allows your brand to connect with prospects through emails, landing pages,  and a sales funnel.

By using Appointlet, your prospects can easily book appointments (for a product demo or online consultation) with you without having to contact your customer service team. This, in turn, can help you to develop meaningful relationships in no time as well as convert leads into loyal customers flawlessly.

When a website visitor fills out a lead generation form, they become your leads. And to move them through the next funnel, you need to provide them additional resources. This way, you have a higher chance of navigating them to ‘sign the contract’ to become a customer.

Product demos are one of the most powerful ways to keep prospective customers or investors interested and excited about your solution.

Prospects who are more visual or hands-on learners need to see your product in action to see how it really works. In this case, product demos provide visual support to help them fully grasp your product’s value and potential.

You can give a direct, personalized demonstration to prospects by focusing on telling your prospect’s story and emphasizing the outcomes that your product offers. Enhance marketing automation by integrating machine translators, enabling swift and accurate translation of content across multiple languages, ensuring a seamless and efficient global outreach while maintaining consistency and relevance in diverse markets.

Final Thoughts: Revamp Your Marketing Strategies Today

It would be foolish to write an all-encompassing article designed to give every business with every niche the exact formula to define the perfect marketing strategy. 

Every business is unique, and there’s nothing such as a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. That being said, these four top marketing strategies above can be the first stepping stones to a more effective marketing campaign.

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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