Turn more Leadpages leads into customers

Let your leads book appointments straight from your Leadpages landing pages, leaving your sales team to do what they do best, selling

Close More Sales

When leads can book you at the peak of their interest, you'll see up to a 300% increase in conversion rates and closed sales.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Up to 80% time saved from eliminating back-and-forth, manual reminders & appointment administration tasks means you'll close sales faster.

Gain Loyal Customers

Your leads will love the convenience and simplicity of online booking. Boost their confidence in you and stand out from the crowd.

Using Appointlet is Simple


Customize your appointment schedule and booking page.


Integrate your booking page on your Leadpages landing pages.


Leads book an available time with you. It's automatically added to your calendar and theirs without the tedious back and forth.


Need some help? Check out our Leadpages documentation.

Seamless Calendar Sync

Appointlet seamlessly integrates with your Google & Office 365 Calendar. We automatically add events to your calendar and make sure you’re never double-booked.

Supports Your Entire Team

Appointlet can display everyone’s availability at once or allow leads to select the person they’d like to book.

Robust Timezone Support

Appointlet translates times so you don't have to, making global calls and supporting your distributed team a breeze.

Works on Any Device

Appointlet's responsive design allows leads to do business with you the way they prefer, so you never lose them while they are on-the-go.

Create Workflows With Your Other Tools

Thanks to our Webhooks & Zapier integration, you can link Appointlet with the other apps you use to send your leads to your CRM or email software automatically.

Collect Lead Information

Appointlet gathers (or prepopulates) the lead information you request when they book and puts it right on your calendar for easy reference.

Join thousands of businesses who trust us to bring their scheduling into the 21st century

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