Generate a unique Join.Me conferencing link for each new meeting.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Join.Me is the use of circular video bubbles rather than the standard square conferencing videos found among its competitors. They can be moved around and bounced off of each other. But that’s just for fun.

The real value of Join.Me is its instant, high resolution video that can be loaded straight from the browser, without installing any software. Attendees who prefer to join by audio are supported by Voice Over IP (VoIP) to maintain a steady clear connection through the duration of the meeting.

Host up to 50 people on your video conferences at a time and you can take turns sharing your screen with Join.Me‘s Screen Swap feature. Visual content has been shown to improve interest and engagement during video conferences.

Whenever an attendee signs up for your video conferences at Appointlet, they are added to the Join.Me roster. Appointlet will send an automated confirmation email with a link to join that unique room. Since every meeting has a unique URL, there’s no chance that people will jump into the wrong call and get in the way of an existing meeting.

Your meeting hosts can join the meetings or cancel/reschedule them from the Appointlet dashboard. Or if it’s more convenient, pull up your email notifications and calendar events for access to those same options. Any time a meeting time changes or gets cancelled, Appointlet will reschedule the Join.Me meeting automatically to keep things simple for your team.

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